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Richard D. Malin & Associates, Inc.

Home Inspections, Radon Testing, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Indoor Air Quality Testing


Just about anyone with some working knowledge of home building can pass themselves off as a home inspector, but hiring someone unqualified to help you make perhaps the largest financial decision in your lifetime can be disastrous. Other inspectors may be certified and insured but have very little experience. Since the purchase of a home, or the sale of your present home, is such an important decision, it makes sense to hire someone with the right qualifications. Here are some questions to ask a potential inspector, along with our answers.

How long have you been in business? Home inspectors come and go, but we have been in business serving the greater Pittsburgh area since 1985 and have done thousands of inspections. You can be assured we will be around to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have down the road.

What are your qualifications? We are state compliant with Act 114 - Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Law and work in accordance with state regulation. Richard is ASHI® certified, and is a charter member of PRO-ASHI® (Pittsburgh Regional Organization of the American Society of Home Inspectors). Those of us who perform radon testing are certified with the Pennsylvania DEP to do so. We take ongoing educational classes to keep up with advances in the industry and to keep our certifications current.

May I follow you along during the inspection? Some inspection companies prefer to go into a house without clients so they can get in and out as quickly as possible. We actually encourage you to attend because it is such a valuable learning experience, and it is the perfect opportunity to ask specific questions about the condition of the home. If an inspection company won't let you go to the inspection, don't use them.

Do you do repairs based on the problems found on the report? If an inspection company offers to do repairs on the issues found in their inspection report, that's a red flag. It is a conflict of interest to do so and seriously calls into question the truthfulness of a report. We offer an unbiased opinion on the true condition of the home. Home inspections are our focus, and we do not do repair or renovation work.

Do you provide a written report, and how quickly do I get it? Never accept a verbal report, not even on an item or two added after the fact. For negotiating purposes, insurance qualification, and legal reasons you will need everything down in writing. More than likely you are on a tight time schedule, and you may not have a few extra days to wait for your report the way you do with some inspection companies. We take time at the end of the inspection to explain everything on the report. We will scan the report and email it to you that day.

May we contact you with questions after the inspection? Sometimes you think of a question after the inspection ends, so you need an inspection company willing to help you through the process even after the inspection is over. We are glad to answer any questions and address your concerns even after you move into your new home. We have had clients call us literally years after an inspection to get our opinion on something related to their home perhaps not even related to the report, and we have been glad to take the time to discuss things.

What other services do you perform in addition to the actual home inspection? While it isn't essential for a home inspection company to provide any other services, it certainly makes it more convenient for you. In addition to home inspection, we offer radon testing, infrared thermal imaging, and indoor air quality testing. If you like, we can arrange for a pest inspection to take place at the same time as your home inspection.

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