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When most people think of home inspections, they think

of them only in relation to a house they are thinking of

buying. While that is very important, many people do not

consider the benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection. Yet this

invaluable tool gives you a realistic and unbiased view of

the true condition of your property. Anyone who has

successfully sold a home will tell you the more prepared

your home is before it goes on the market, the better it

will present and the more quickly it will sell. Here's why.

The way homeowners see their home and the way potential buyers see it can be two very different things. A seller's view can be affected by sentimentality, but to a buyer it's just another house for sale. You may have gotten used to a situation that in all reality needs to be repaired, renovated, or replaced. If there are too many things wrong, or if the buyer suspects problems are being concealed, they will get nervous and walk.

Pre-Listing Inspections help you avoid those scenerios. With the information found on your report, you can set out to get the work done according to your schedule and budget without a buyer and their agent waiting at the sidelines.

There are several ways you can address the issues brought up in the report. You have the option to fix everything. Show buyers the report along with your receipts as proof that the work was done, and you've got yourself a house that really stands out from the crowd. You also have the option to fix some of the items reported on and not others. Perhaps you want to put your money on one big ticket item that will appeal to buyers without spreading your funds thin over too many areas Or maybe you'll decide to fix a number of less expensive items to give your house more curb appeal without breaking the bank. You even have the option of fixing none of the problems on the report. You may be wondering, "What's the point in getting a Pre-Listing Inspection if I'm not going to do anything about the issues?". Here's the point. Sure in a perfect world a buyer wants a house that is in "move in condition", but many buyers are willing to buy a "fixer-upper" if the price is right. What they aren't willing to do is buy a house they suspect has lots of hidden issues. You may be as honest as the day is long and disclose every flaw and potential problem, but the buyer doesn't know that. If, however, you bring in a third party who is unbiased and knowledgeable, buyers will feel much more confident about the purchase. Even when they see the problems that are reported on, at least they know what these problems are and they won't worry about expensive surprises down the road.

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